Taking pride in the quality of our work we deliver

Personally involved with the projects we take on

Personally involved with the projects we take on

Gate motors, garage door motors (roll-up and sectional), security booms and spikes, monthly inspections, gate systems, accessories, etc.

  • Services Offered

    • Gate Motors
    • Garage Door Motors (Roll-up and Sectional)
    • Security Booms and Spikes
    • Monthly Inspections
    • Gate Systems (G-Speak and Access Control)
    • Accessories, etc.
  • A Little Bit Extra

    • AJAX Alarm Security Systems
    • Battery/Inverter Backup Systems (Fences, Gate Motors, etc.)
    • Electric Fencing
    • CCTV Camera Systems
    • Maglocks
    • Intercom Systems
    • Beams (Gate Racks, Rails, Wheels, etc.)
    • Camera Systems
  • Overview

    Superb M.I.C. is a private business that takes pride in the quality of our work and the trust we gain and keep from our clients. Our mission is to improve infrastructure and everyday security needs. Our goal is not to measure Superb M.I.C. with quantity, but rather with quality. We are always personally involved with the projects we take on and help by advising and communicating with our clients throughout the project.

We cover the whole of Gauteng and bigger projects outside Gauteng

We specialize in gate motor installations

Gate Motor Installations

  • Our preferred products are Centurion products.

  • We provide services to several complexes, industrial businesses, private homes, businesses, etc.

  • Our services do not only include installation, we also do repair services whereby the motor is sent to Centurion Systems’ installations,  for analyzing and repair work or servicing.

  • Gate motors can be rented by Superb M.I.C. for the time being.

We also offer services such as realigning gate racks, installation of  Centurion beams, repairing/replacing gates, replacing wheel kits, etc.

Centurion Vantage Swing Gate Motor

  • Domestic and Industrial use

  • Operators for gates up to 4m long
  • High push force
  • Safe Anti-Crushing protection
  • Intruder-detection alarm modes

VANTAGE 400 – ‘Reliable operator with a shorter stroke for the majority of domestic swing gate applications.’

VANTAGE 500 – ‘Extended stroke for larger domestic and light-industrial swing gate applications.’

Garage Door Motor Installations

We also specialize in garage door motor installations provide repair services where the motor is sent to Centurion Systems for analyzing and repair work or servicing.

Centurion SD04 SMART Garage Door Motor

(Sectional and tip-up garage doors)

  • Now with a 3 Year Warranty
  • SMART Technology
  • Adjustable speed on tip-up doors
  • Tamper detection and intelligent door status monitoring

RDO Domestic Roll-Up Garage Door Motors

We also offer services such as garage door servicing and installation of beams.

  • High torque motor
  • Operates very quietly
  • Anti-crushing protection
  • Wall-mounted controller with courtesy light

We do boom installation with or without spikes

Security Booms and Spikes

We can also arrange security services if your booms need to be serviced or has to go in for repairs. We provide repair services where the booms are sent to Centurion Systems for analysing and repair work or servicing.

  • SECTOR 3 – Rapid speed high-volume barrier (3m boom pole)

  • SECTOR 4.5 – Standard speed high-volume barrier (4.5m boom pole)

  • Sector 6 – Standard speed high-volume barrier (6m boom pole)

Cellphone is used as a remote control (G-Remote)

G-Speak and Access Control

GSM and G-SPEAK Access Control and Intercom System
  • Intelligent monitoring of CENTURION gate motors’ status outputs (for example gate opening, gate left open, etc.)

  • G-SPEAK ULTRA allows wireless communication between the user and the intercom gate station (users’ phone as the handset)

Safety always comes first

Electric Fencing

  • We do electric fence installations, electric fence repair work, rewiring of Celectric fences, Energizer repair works.

  • We can also provide a Certificate Of Compliance (COC) if the electric fence is according to specification.

Electric Fencing
AJAX Security System

AJAX is a very reliable and high quality system

AJAX Alarm Security Systems

  • Wireless System (Except for main HUB)

  • Great Distance- Can work for up to 2km away from HUB.

  • Lifetime Length- Sensor’s battery life reaches up to 5 to 7 years.

  • Can be operated from your phone app (up to 50 users).

  • Very sleek, modern designs.

A lot of add-ons available with time – range extenders, beams, door protectors, glass break detectors, motion detectors, panic buttons, sirens and more…

Camera Systems

  • Can be very helpful in businesses and on private property, it can be used as a deterrent and as a recovery tool.

  • You can also manage your staff better by being aware what is going on in your work place.

Battery/Inverter Backup Systems

  • With todays load shedding and power outages, nothing is built to last. With the help of a battery/inverter backup system you can keep running what’s necessary.

  • Gate motors can keep operating (especially helpful at complexes and businesses with a lot of people going in and out)

  • Security fences can stay on (security hazard when electric fence is not working)

  • Camera Systems can stay on (also a security hazard when not operating)

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